Green EV Battery Solution

We are integrating universal development mode with comprehensive and all-round support technologies to offer the green power, which is perfect for new energy vehicles, including electric cars, passenger cars, micro-electric vehicles, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, and special vehicles, our products boast a number of national patented technologies, and is aimed to fullfill a safe, ecological, lightweight, long-life power supply for you.
Product Structure
pack product system
lithium battery cell

Mechanical Design

EV modular system design,Pack and cabinet structure,Electrical related structure,Harness and connector design

Cell Technology

High energy & power density,Durable life performance,Excellent safety gurantee,High reliability & flexibility

Software & Hardware

V-model development,Process modeling and simulation, Model-based development,Multi-level test verification

System Simulation

Pack system modeling,Structural & Electrical simulation,Thermal management simulation,Electrochemical function simulation

Test & Verification

Hardware & software function,Electrical and mechanical performance,Reliability & safety management,Environmental compliance,Product life validation

Flexible and Customized Products and Services
In addition to standardized products, we also provide customized products and services, we can work with you to develop new products and technologies to help you solve your problems better and faster. Our team hopes to discuss and develop personalized experimental solutions with customers, and are capable of helping customers with flexible and customized solution to meet their unique needs and goals.
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